Push-up powers!

Kobiecość, zmysłowość, pewność siebie – wszystko to można zamknąć w dwóch słowach: dobry push-up.
Może zabrzmi to banalnie,ale jako posiadaczka małego biustu zawsze miałam problem z tymi przymiotnikami. Wszystko na mnie wisiało, szczególnie ukochane tank-topy.  Pewnego dnia powiedziałam sobie dość – Czas zainwestować w magiczny, powiększający biust stanik. Wydawało mi się, że nie ma nic prostszego – idę do sklepu, przymierzam, kupuję… Nic bardziej mylnego. Odwiedzilam masę sklepów: zarówno sieciówek jak i wyspecjalizowanych sklepów bieliźnianych. Po wielu przymiarkach, poszukiwaniach i wizytach udało się. Superpush up w Intimissimi. Nie dość,że rozmiarówa 1 pasowała idealnie, to stanik optycznie powiększa mój biust o dwa rozmiary, stał się pełniejszy a co za tym idzie, stałam sie pewniejsza siebie.
Co ważne (a po pierwszej wizycie kupilam 3 staniki w rożnych kolorach) nie niszczą się w praniu.(Jak wiele sieciowych).
Jakiś czas temu dostałam w ramach przetestowania stanik z najnowszej kolekcji Intimissimi – w kolorze nude. Nie piszę tej recenzji jako ‘zobowiazanie’ za prezent a raczej, jako podzieka dla firmy za to,ze pomogła mi poczuć się pięknie i kobieco – co przekłada się na każdą dziedzinę życia. Gdybym nie wierzyła w tę firmę, nie napisałabym recenzji.



Femininity, sensuality, self confidence – all these adjectives can be described by two words: a good push-up.
It may sound a little bit obvious but as a proud owner of small breasts, I have always had lots of troubles with these things. Everything made me look like a little, flat girl (especially beloved tank tops). One day I decided I had to change it, and so I took a lot of time to find a perfect solution: a good push up. I visited lots of stores to search for one. To be honest I was sure it would  be much easier.  The only store that made me satisfied was Intimissimi and thier Super pushup. Not only was thier size 1 a perfect match for me, but also it became fuller and bigger (like two size bigger!).
The important thing is that their quality is of a good standard. I have bought three bras (from push up collection) and all of them are perfectly fine, after being washed/worn constantly.
Some time ago Intimissimi has sent a nude push up bra to me to be tested. I was a bit hesitant about writing this review because  I know what people say about bloggers ‘testing’ stuff (ie advertising stuff they get) but this is not the case, believe it or not. I seriously love these pushups and I do believe the brand is absolutely gorgeous.

Camel, nude & beige

All of these adjectives defines similar colours, but each of them is slightly different. But they definitely have a lot in common: they’re so elegant and work with almost everything. <3


I’d also like to recommend to you a special place in Łódź, Dekadencja – a wonderful tea&cocktail bar.  You can order delicious teas, coffees, smoothies or cocktails (w/without alcohol). In the meantime you can either play cards, which are waiting for the guests to use them or play other games, like Scrabble etc. There are also lots of vintage photos lying on the table, for the guests to see.


Beanie love

Fall is coming so fast, instead of the sun&flip flops we have the rain&umbrellas. This is why I decided to post about beanies, which are perfect for this season. We’ve got many types of hats: knit, fur, beanies, beret, newsboy, toque, cloche and many more.

Knit hats are made of wool and and provide warmth and style to wearer. Furso popular in 70’s or 80’s. Beanies are what I love. They give a modern look, and can be matched with almost everything: blazers, jackets, elegant outwear, dresses, leather. This season beanies are still on. Either very colorful: yellow, deep red, dark green or nude colours.


In such a perfect mood today! Mornings are pretty chilly here but days perfectly summerish! Hope the summer days stay with us as long as possible. Here’s today’s outfit. At the end of the post, there’s also a video of a new OneRepublic song. Love the beat!  <3

Dress – American Vintage

Jacket – outlet in Lodz, noname

Shoes – Wallis

hat – noname

And here, enjoy the music!

Bizarre hats?

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I’ve finally met with a friend of mine in the garden bar a couple of days ago. The weather was extremely bizarre -rather warm but windy. The hat turned out to be a perfect solution. What makes me laugh though, is that in Poland people wearing hats are still pretty exotic, and they bring attention (especially in the city I am in – Łódź). This is weird and against the clothing history. All in all, years ago hats were a must-have not only for the local fashionistas but for most decent people.

What happened that nowadays hats aren’t socially approved (in some areas, of course) ? I still can’t find any reasonable answer..

Anyway, here’s a couple of photos.

Sunglasses: Parfois

Leggins – Zara

Shirt & necklace – Stradivarius

Booties – Wallis

Bag – Zara shopper

Hat – grandma’s wardrobe

Hats & others

One of my friends makes these wonderful accessories by herself. It’s 100 per cent handmade & of an excellent quality. Of course some of them are extremely vintage, but if I am in love with these. If anyone is interested in getting such an accessory, here’s the direct link to Kazytka Website. Her jewellery can be also bought in an art gallery in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland.